Malaysian Journal of Nutrition
Vol. 20 No. 2, 2014

Table of Content

Validation of a Food Frequency Interview Schedule to Assess the Dietary Intake of the Population in Hyderabad City - A Cross-Sectional Study
Betsy A, Athe R, Rao VMM, Rao VS & Polasa K

Factors Influencing Malnutrition among Young Children in a Rural Community of Sarawak
Eunice MJ, Cheah WL & Lee PY

A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Facebook-based Physical Activity Intervention for Government Employees with Metabolic Syndrome
Chee HP, Hazizi AS, Barakatun Nisak MY & Mohd Nasir MT

Recipe Trials to Improve Complementary Feeding: The Philippine Experience
Maria Theresa M Talavera, Melanie H Narciso & Angelina dR Felix

Factors Affecting Nutritional Status of Children below 24 Months in Pekan District, Pahang, Malaysia
Nargis Masroor, Jamaluddin Ab Rahman, Tin Myo Han, Muzzaffar Ali Khan Khattak & Aye Aye

Sensitivity, Specificity, Predictive Value and Inter-Rater Reliability of Malnutrition Screening Tools in Hospitalized Adult Patients
Nor Azian MZ, Suzana S & Romzi MA

Comparison of Fruits and Vegetables Intake and Physical Activity between Hypercholesterolemic Adults and Non-hypercholesterolemic Adults in Malaysia
Chan YY, Teh CH, Yeo PS, Lim KK, Lim KH, Kee CC, Azli B, Tee GH, Gurpreet K & Mohd Azahadi O

Measurement of Adductor Pollicis Muscle Thickness in a Healthy Population in Iran and Its Correlation with other Anthropometric Parameters
Ghorabi S, Vahdat Shariatpanahi Z & Amiri Z

Effect of Cinnamon Powder Addition on Nutritional Composition, Physical Properties and Sensory Acceptability of Butter Biscuits
Ng SH & Wan Rosli W I

Dietetic Practices in the Management of Childhood Obesity in Malaysia
Nor Baizura Md. Yusop, Zalilah Mohd Shariff, Ting Tzer Hwu, Ruzita Abd. Talib & Nicola Spurrier

Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Digested Green Curry Paste in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Sirikanokvilai P, Kriengsinyos W, Nantiruj K, Muangnoi C, Chingsuwanroj P, Praengam K & Tuntipopipat S

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