Malaysian Journal of Nutrition
Vol. 20 No. 1, 2014

Table of Content

Founding President, Nutrition Society of Malaysia

Association between Home Environment, Dietary Practice, and Physical Activity among Primary School Children in Selangor, Malaysia
Woon FC, Chin YS, Kaartina S, Fara Wahida R, Hiew CC & Mohd Nasir MT

Comparison of Lactational Performance of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Mothers in Indonesia
Fikawati S, Syafiq A, Kusharisupeni, Irawati A & Karima K

Association between Caregiver Burden with Feeding Problems and Functional Status of Patients with Dementia
Suzana S, Chong HY, Lee YH, Nurfatina MD, Nurwahidayu AW, Siah P, Nurul A & Rosdinom R

Menarche, Nutritional Status and Body Size in 10 to 12 Year-Old Girls from Kashipur, Purulia, West Bengal, India
Datta Banik, S

Association of Lifestyle Factors with Obesity Indices among Adolescents in Amman, Jordan
Tayyem RF, Al-Hazzaa HM, Abu-Mweis SS, Bawadi HA, Qatatsheh A & Musaiger AO

Occurrence of Vitamin D Deficiency among Women in North Sumatera, Indonesia
Dina Keumala, Harun Alrasyid D, Nurindrawaty L & Zulkyli L

Prevalence of Underweight and Effect of Nutritional Status on Academic Performance of Primary School Children in Chapainawabganj District, Bangladesh
Md Golam H, Md Saimul I, Kazi Enamul H, Md Ashraful I, Mamun, ASMA Kamruzzaman M & Saw A

Development and Evaluation of Weaning Foods Using Locally Available Nutritious Fruits in Bangladesh
Satter MA, Jabin SA, Abedin N, Islam MF, Parvin R, Dhali M& Amin MZ

Effects of Young Corn Ear Addition on Nutritional Composition and Acceptability of Conventional Cake
Chow YN & Wan Rosli WI

Antioxidative Properties of an Extract of Hygrocybe conica, a Wild Edible Mushroom
Chong EL, Sia CM, Khoo HE, Chang SK & Yim HS

B-carotene Roles in Proliferation and Differentiation, Connexin and /3-casein Gene Expression of Mammary Gland Cells Line
Roosita K, Rimbawan SW, Djuwita I, Damanik MR, Kusharto CM, Damayanthi E & Nomura N

Heavy Metal Hazards of Functional Beverages in Nigeria
Orisakwe OE & Ajaezi GC



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