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Waist Hip Ratio Calculator

Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) looks at the relationship between the differences in the measurements of your waist and hips. Most people store their body fat in two distinct ways, often called the "apple" and "pear" shapes. These terms refer to where you carry your weight - around your middle "apple" or around your hips "pear". It is generally accepted that, for most people, carrying extra weight around their middle increases health risks more than carrying extra weight around their hips or thighs. Overall obesity, however, is still of greater risk than body fat store locations or WHR Ratio.

Check your Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR)


BMI Calculator

Now you can quickly find out your Body Mass Index (BMI). Always monitor your health using this BMI calculator to help you get back in shape!

Check your BMI here



Calorie Burner

It really isn't as hard as you think to squeeze a quick workout into your hectic day. In fact, recent studies show that even 10 minutes of aerobic activity a day, three times a week, will help combat heart disease. Enter the amount of time (in minutes) that you spend doing any of the following activities, click, and we'll tell you approximately how many calories you burn.

How much calorie did you burn today? Find out here.


Heart Rate Calculator

When you exercise, your body speeds up, and so does your heart as it works to meet your increased energy needs. But how much speeding-up of your heart is safe when you exercise? You need the answer to this question in order to maximize your exercise benefits while not overworking your heart.

What is your Heart Beat Rate after a physical activity? Check it out here


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