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House Rules For Healthy Eating

If home is where the heart is, it's the best place to cultivate the family's taste for healthy eating. It begins with having more family meals at home. Here's what you do :

  1. Follow The Food Guide Pyramid 
    This is the cornerstone for a well-balanced diet which will provide energy and nutrients in the right proportions. Keep each family meal as close to its recommendations as possible. 

  2. Serve A Wide Variety Of Foods 
    Eating the same thing day in, day out is boring ... and unhealthy. Even when they belong to the same group in the Food Guide Pyramid, each type of food provides a different set of nutrients. So serve different dishes from day to day. Your family will appreciate the variety and be more adequately nourished.


  3. Plan Ahead & Choose Wisely 
    Put more effort into planning family meals, what to serve and how to cook it. When shopping, make fresh and wholesome ingredients your first choice and read food labels. Make every meal at home something delicious and healthy to look forward to.


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